The Glowforge is the Perfect Machine to Engrave MC Hammer Pants On Your Project


Title says it all…


Love this! It popped up in my feed twice and I watched it both times haha. I think this is the thickest thing I’ve seen engraved in a Glowforge!


Good build. Love the palm. Nice lasering.


Great video!
I have handled 4’ and 5’ vases made from palm logs, the weight feels like stone.


Just wasted five minutes of my life.

Googling “coconut palm sand grass” and not learning anything useful I mean. The video was awesome.


I couldn’t find anything to his “sand grass” reference either. Seeing his project made me more confident in my guess about the Black Palm veneer that came in my box of scraps though. It was cool to see how beautiful it finished up. I can’t wait to see how it cuts. :slight_smile:


I’ve never worked the wood and David loves to repeat trolling comments in his videos so take this for what it’s worth.

On some of the woodworking forums they discuss the “wood” as containing sand as the sand apparently blows into the palm leaves as the tree is growing and then becomes embedded in the wood. A good description of the grass reference comes from the wood database.

Technically neither a softwood nor a hardwood, palm falls into the category of monocots, which also includes bamboo, grass, banana, rice, wheat, corn, etc. (Monocot is short for monocotyledon, which simply means that the seed of the plant contains one leaf, rather than two as found in dicots.) Palm woods have no growth rings, and as a result, the shrinkage rate for drying the wood is more or less uniform between the radial and tangential surfaces, resulting in a T/R ratio of 1.0 and good dimensional stability.


That is the best explanation I’ve seen of palm wood yet. Thanks Jamie!!


Any idea where someone could pick up some of that Palm Wood?


Does anyone know if we can cut bamboo flooring. I have a couple of flooring boards that I planed down to 1/4" but haven’t tried to cut them. I wanted to ask the group first. ;:blush:


Bamboo flooring will have a lot of adhesives in it so it will depend on the type adhesives used.


When I was trying to figure out what this was I came across a few sources for it. If you search for “Black Palm” it might narrow it down sources for you. I bought a box of scrap wood off of Amazon and this was in it. The lighter grain is fascinating in that it is almost iridescent and sparkly in appearance.


I’ve found some of the thin planks on Amazon, but everything I find is really thin, or if it is thicker, it’s sold in narrow pieces. I’ll probably pick up some to play with. I was hoping to at least find something about as long as what @makesomething started with. I have some ideas on how I can incorporate it as accents in stuff I already make.


Aww gotcha. Everything I found was smaller size. Mostly knife blank size.