The Good, The Bad and The Strangely Ugly

The Good

I was 20 minutes into a two hour “burn” on the GF. I noticed that one of my layers was a cut instead of the engrave I wanted. I selected and changed it and was elated that the GF engraved this layer, even after the burn was rendered and the burn started!!!

I was impressed that I could make this change, really impressed!!!

The Bad

One of my layers I had made an engrave, got converted to a cut, but was still labeled as an engrave.

The Strangely Ugly

While this file was rendering (plus others previously), the UI would cycle rapidly between three screens; the ‘File Rendering’ screen, the ‘Dismiss’ screen and the main UI screen that shows all my files. This three-screen-cycle would happen about a half dozen times, each screen being displayed about 3 seconds on my computer before jumping to the next screen. After stopping, it could be on any one of the three screens. Strangly, the file would be loaded and ready to burn.

Anyone else have this happen???

I will post this to Problems and Support if it continues or has been common to other GF people.

Here is a photo of the file. The map neatline in blue was converted from an engrave to a cut. The border around Washtenaw County was the layer I converted from a cut to an engrave after the burn started.


Here is the burned map, got to love the precision and fine lines that can be made by the GF!!


Completely at a loss as to how this was possible. The motion plan is uploaded all at once at the beginning. Wouldn’t think that could change once the Print button was pressed.


I didn’t think it could be done either, but it happened, so I posted it.

Just tried it again with a different file with a three hour run time and it didn’t work though!!!

However, the UI was really funky when I uploaded the first file that I was able to change, cycling thru those three screens I mentioned above multiple times.

When it comes to computers, I have always been able to make them go kitty-wonkiss. Recently, I shut down Safeway’s computer grocery checkout system multiple times with my credit card. One time I had one item and a person with a shopping card full of groceries let me go in front of them, right before I crashed their system. I left $10 with the cashier for a six-pack and walked out of the store.

Felt kind of bad!!!


Have you had an evaluation on whether your cybernetic implants could be producing electromagnetic interference beyond FCC approved levels? Only other thing I could think of.


Lol!!! I could write a best selling book about all the strange things that happend with me and computers.

Another one, for example, is the largest GIS software company in the U.S was demo’ing their new software at a conference. I got picked to use it in front of a lot of people. It took me three key strokes to shut it down and they could not get it running again for several hours!


The Safeway thing is impressive; this is kinda normal when someone changes just one line before a demo.

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