The Great Ornament Show-off Thread - 2017 Edition



These have all been just gifts for friends so far. Nothing that took too much work.


That turned out great in acrylic, I may need to make one now :grinning:


Wow, what a cool effect you have achieved with this piece! It’s an incredible work of art.


Hi All!

No lasered ornaments yet, still in line…BUT I do have a 3D printed one over at Thingiverse.

It’s that time of the year again when the downloads rise.
Enjoy it as an object, or drill a small hole, add a ribbon and put it in the tree!

Greetings and keep making more stuff to love!



Those trees are cute! I like your card too.


The talent and creativity of this group is just amazing! So many ideas I never would have thought of! :sunglasses:


Great work you are very talented keep up the great work, seasons greetings.



Here is what my wife has been doing so far (mostly to learn what the machine can do):


Few of the ones we have made for friends and family


One of my best friends goes by “Little Lemon” online lots of the time- so I always give her lemon themed gifts. made this ornament as part of her xmas gift :slight_smile: (I added a string to hang it with after taking this pic)


Because — well —- what says seasons greetings more than…




And Magical Creatures😊


Wine bottle tag/Christmas Ornament.


I can’t think of a single thing!


I really like the Be-witched font on a gift containing alcohol… just a little extra sparkle :wink:


Is that a frosted acrylic, or are you doing something special with a finish?


Thanks! Yes it does. Loving this thread you started. :smiley:


My daughter loves these! :heart_eyes: She wants me to make something similar for her friends. :+1:t5:


That’s PG frosted acrylic. It’s my favorite.