The Great Ornament Show-off Thread - 2017 Edition


Awesome job everyone. Here is mine.


any tips or tricks to removing the protective tape from intricate designs?


Patience and a gentle fingernail…


Mine aren’t really ornaments, although they could be! For Star Wars Week in my library, I made up a Jedi/Sith training challenge that the students could complete…their prize is a medallion showing which side they joined. I’m going to put them on keychains for them tomorrow.

(The teachers who were my Sith Lords and Jedi Masters that could sign off on their training cards also have lasered medallions they are wearing around their necks. It’s been a hoot because I told them they had full permission to try and get the trainees to switch sides. :slight_smile:


Is that sea turtle your own art or something you can share? I’d like to make on of those myself.


gorilla tape.


In addition to the Space Program ornaments I ran a Kickstarter for and have been cutting on my Glowforge, I also made this one out of maple hardwood and walnut veneer in honor of the swifts that roost in my neighborhood school’s chimney every fall.


Cool! (Our neighbor’s got a colony of bats in his, they look just like that coming out in the evening. We haven’t mentioned it.) :smile:


What a wonderful, unique ornament! Really a collector’s item.


I have had good results using a piece of the mask itself. With the work on a firm surface, pressure with a fingertip and firmly drag the sticky side of the mask across the weeds in straight lines. The little pieces roll right off and stick to the masking.
Plastic razorblades also work well.



I’m digging that sphere… your design?


I’ve been going a bit crazy with ornaments.


Wow, these open up all sorts of new ideas in my head! :slight_smile:


This is such a great thread! Here’s mine: PG plywood, resin, & glitter.


So many great ideas in this thread! Good job all!


I’m going to have to steal/modify this for gift tags! Love it!


Awesome ornaments! Really like the glitter one.


I made @chris1 's snowflake ornament from blue fluorescent acrylic as a little gift for a holiday party. It was very well received.


Both of these are out of 1/8" birch plywood, cutting at 220 speed/full power.

Engraved at 500 speed/50 power/450 LPI, I made this for a friend’s daughter, a fellow Ravenclaw:

And cut about 70 of these for all my co-workers: