The Great Ornament Show-off Thread - 2017 Edition


I had posted these a few days ago in a different thread, but if you didn’t see them… resin bezel ornaments:



Seventy! Holy smokes! I guess you are employee of the month now.


LOVE!!! your turtle!


Wow, what an amazing inlay!


Especially love the location ornaments … they look so nice!


Both of these are made from a Silhouette Studio design, edited in Silhouette Designer Software, saved as a .studio3 file and then converted to SVG for the Glowforge.

Added the holes for hanging the onesie, and added a trace to the top portion of the ornament filligree and combined it with a circle for lower part to frame the engrave.


Beautiful! Your recipients will be so happy!


Mischief managed… :slight_smile:


This wasn’t designed technically as an ornament, per se, though the design itself looks like…and could be one, it is meant as a tag to attach to a white elephant gift that my friend is putting together for her family celebration. I painted the elephant with a white oil-based marker…then thought while it was drying, to sprinkle on some cheap glitter. It looked good, so I planted it face down in some of it.


Okay, cool! I’ve been planning to do those, I hope it won’t take too long for mine to get here now that I’ve gotten my email.


Well I clearly need to step my ornament game up because y’all are amazing! But until I do, a Christmas moon!


Ooooo, really like the glitter!


I do, too. It was a bit of a gamble, but it turned out pretty cool.


Yeah that was sweet! :sunglasses::+1:


As you can tell, I went for quantity over quality on these…

BB birch ply with a dilute wash of acrylic paints randomly splashed across it. Let dry, added masking, and let the designs fall wherever. :innocent:


Looks like tie-dye! :grinning:


I slammed into the design decision wall at mach 3 after a 2-day GF marathon. The holidays really snuck up on me this year. :wink:


I hear ya! :smile:


Looking good!


Oooooh, I wanna share mine!

The Snowflakes are made out of medium white :proofgrade: with clear acrylic :proofgrade: and the Christmas trees are made from medium walnut hardwood and clear frosted inserts. I didn’t know I had the frosted because it just sits in a pile of my other materials that I ordered a month or so ago and have been so busy using my maple plywood. I ran out of the regular clear and started looking to see if I had more and boom, found the frosted. I actually like the frosted a little more, but it might be because it’s paired with the walnut tree :heart_eyes: The Snowflakes are pressure fit and didn’t require glue, but the trees were a little trickier and needed a tad here and there.

Anyway, there are a lot of good ones in here! Really cool to see everybody’s design processes :slight_smile: