The Great Ornament Show-off Thread - 2017 Edition


So here’s what my wife asked me to make for my son & his new wife. Quick & dirty using PG settings on BB.

Actually, the request was “something for their first Christmas with maybe a couple of lovebirds in a tree”.

This was my idea. Clear acrylic. Reverse etched. What I thought was the happy couple running to their future my wife & daughter suggested “disco dancers” :thinking:

What are they getting? This one. Tweaked manual settings, a light sanding (it was unmasked - I…or should I say my wife…wanted a smokey old time look) and a couple of coats of shellac/alcohol mix for sealing but not a glossy covering.

Could have saved myself an awful lot of time if I just remembered that wives do not make “suggestions” :grinning:


Well, I like them both equally!


It strikes me that any sort of dancing is a great way to approach the future! :smiley:


This ornament was more for celebrating our viewing of The Last Jedi, but it’s definitely going on a tree or a desk!


These are on another post but figured I’d join the convo!


not ornaments but earrings…

some on :proofgrade: draftboard for kids (co-workers) to paint themselves

my phone takes the worst (fuzzy) pics…:neutral_face:


a “wall ornament” out of corrugated cardboard


Put gorilla tape on and leave for at least 10 minutes; everything will come right off.


Here’s a VW Vanagon ornament for my father in law. He drove these for years and years, going so far as to repaint new ones that he got so they would look the same as the old one.


i never leave it on that long. i press it down, maybe burnish a little with my thumbnail (if it’s small) or a burnishing stick. then immediately peel off. i may occasionally have to go back for a little piece here or there, but burnishing seems to take care of it most of the time.


That design makes me tingle in my geek heart!


…and there’s a big difference between “You’re right, I’m sorry” and “I’m sorry you’re right.” :zipper_mouth_face:


What material did you use for these?


Cheers to that!~


Love all the contributions!

I made custom ornaments instead of gift tags for family this year. I have a few more to go, but here’s the output so far (on Cherry Proofgrade plywood, which I’m a huge fan of):


A few reindeer I knocked out tonight.


My colleagues did vote me “Most Innovative”… :sweat_smile:


Here’s another Hogwarts ornament. Yes, I know a kid named Griffin and he is truly a Gryffindor.

I’ll eventually make artwork for all the houses.


This is AMAZING!


The leaping deer (backed by acrylic?) are gorgeous!