The Great Ornament Show-off Thread 2018


I hang them on a wire and spray them (after cutting).


I didn’t do a Glowforge ornament, but here is my SiemensMSL on my Prusa.

Well looking at this closely I see I need to tweak some things. A little shifting in layers. Time to tighten and adjust a few things. I did about 70 hours last week on the Prusa and it’s a little off.

Anyway, a cool design. Next is to do a Christmas tree outline stand with the Glowforge to hang it in.


Would you mind telling me what font you used. I’m trying to find a cursive but thicker font like this one.


The snowman and key were well received. Love giving home made gifts. Glad I have a glowforge to make them so beautiful and professional.


dang Those are awesome.


Those are wonderful! just a note don’t post pictures of real keys with the notches visible. KeyMe
So an edit would be good.


Thanks but not a real key. It is cut out of wood and just a randomly drawn key on Inkscape.


Well done.


I made some Krampuses… 'cause nothing says holidays like a festive, child-stealing demon!


So many people on the forum inspire me. Here is my rendition of an ornament design several people have created. It is our first grandson’s Christmas.


A little late but here’s an ornament I made for my new parent friends and sold on my Etsy shop this year (it sold pretty well!)


Some “name ornaments” requested at work

And some desk nameplates forged for my officemates


Those desk names were cut out of some craft wood sold at the 99cent store. Three pieces of (really nice) 6x7.8 plywood for only 99 cents. The odd think is the engraving doesn’t appear to darken -as seen in the names above. Here are some simple “wall ornaments” a co-worker requested. I would make one a day for her…

The engraving was light brown on these (same wood)


Cribbed the tree (had to heavily modify the vectors) and designed the back.

Bonus tree topper:


Love Love that star tree topper


This may be my favorite thing ever!


Here’s ours.


Just received my Glowforge first week of Dec, so I combined my leather craft and Glowforge for these ornaments. They were gifts for my daughters High School Rodeo Team.

I started with something simple.


Those are awesome.


What type of wood did you use? I used proof grade (photos further down (or above) this thread)? Yours look great.