The Great Ornament Show-off Thread 2018


Thank you. Our old stand-by had become dented beyond repair, so I decided to spend a couple of hours.


Thanks Grizzarkhov. I used a non-proof grade walnut ply from a local wood store. It was unfinished, so I applied two coats of polyurethane on the front and back before lasering.


Thanks for the quick response. I need to venture into other woods and materials.


Here’s my take on the nativity ornament


Gary, what do you use for your masking? What materials and settings are you using most often?


Someone at work requested an “AZ wildcats name ornament” in memory of her husband… I decided to add color with acrylic inlay…

I believe this was on the cherry :proofgrade:


The contrasting colors are great. :grinning:


Love the reindeer


Very late to the party! I did this over the holidays and, took a few quick pics while cleaning up in the studio today.

I have been wanting to make an illuminated paper star to use for package ornaments for years and, finally had a quick go at it in December. This is about 4.5 inches across.

I am not entirely happy with this prototype. For starters, it was way too much work. I used a medium-tack masking on the stock. Removing the masking for the section over the Interlacing to paint the silver parts was pretty tedious. Gluing in the translucent panels (tracing vellum) was not bad. Final assembly, though was pretty grim. Getting the last point glued in was particularly challenging. The result is overly fragile.

I am using some little LED flashies for the lighting but, swapped in a steady LED for the photo.

The solution to making it work better might be a lighter-weight stock. This one is a very rigid 130lb that made it difficult to collapse the points while gluing them together. I am contemplating design changes to improve for the next pass. As always, suggestions welcome.