The Idea more than the file


Made a few trivets old-school with a radial arm like this.
Had to sneak up on the settings to get halfway through 1/8" ply, but the effect was worth it.

Run the same file twice. First side then flip it over and burn it again perpendicular to the first.
!00% / 200 ipm / 340 lpi should get you there.
This is a pre-release, so YMMV. Again,the file is just as an example, so build yours according to your needs. The method would give a nice lattice effect to augment your designs… :sunglasses:
Edit; for scale this is 5" on a side.


Awesome! (Just once or twice on the backside?):grinning:


Once on each side. Might benefit from a bit more power deposited (slower), I dunno, I didn’t investigate beyond perforation. Cleaned the holes up a little with a #11 exacto. A few wood fibers and smoke ‘varnish’ stuck out to me.


What a cool way to do that! I would have stacked two pieces, but this is much more clever.


Whoa. Sweet!
I have to use this technique…


Verrrrrry nice! I can see all sorts of artistic, op-art patterns being used thus way. Thanks!


On a side note, positioning the engrave horizontally significantly reduced the time.
The test runs had a single bar in them. I first had it loaded vertically and got an op time of 7+ minutes when I remembered the advice and repositioned it. It took 1+ to complete. :wink:


This is great! As your title suggests…it’s your thought process that’s most intriguing…and it worked wonderfully. Saving this. Thank you!


This is really super-interesting. Nice to see how other people’s minds come up with things!


Very cool! Great idea–thanks for sharing!


:grin: My pleasure.
Lit my imagination to think of what might be accomplished by going a touch more than halfway from each side. :thinking: