The Joy of Design



You never cease to amaze and inspire !


My most basic rule on design. If you say “Don’t care”, you are stuck with what I produce. LOL. Obviously, I’m not making my living doing this.


Yeah, but I’m married to this one…he gets special privileges. :smile:


True, but only as much as you afford him. :wink::rofl:


I’m out of likes already. :smile:


I’d invoice him! bahahah!!!

I actually did that once to Captain Awesome! :joy:


I handle all of the accounts anyway and do the accounting…I’d just have to pay myself. :smile:
(He’s the charmer, I’m the worker bee.)


I love your designs Jules, you should be proud no matter what your husband thinks! What I don’t like is the logo on the back, we get a lot of salespeople at work dropping off “gifts” that are no more than self promotional junk that finds it’s way into the trash as soon as possible. If I received an item that was personalized to me I wouldn’t need a logo to remember who gave it to me. To each their own I guess.


Those are outstanding!

…and you “client conference” is priceless!


Yeah, I’d put it on the underside where it’s not obnoxious but it’s easily findable if they do manage to forget somehow.


Unfortunately, it’s one of those things that you pretty much have to do as a sales agency. I’ll make it light enough to the point of being subliminal in the final version…that was just to show object placement. :slightly_smiling_face:

I frequently have to work up photos of fishing trips and whatnot for clients, to remind them of the good times that they had at such-and-such an event, and one of the requirements from our end is that the logo has to be in there. I’ve figured out how to do it so that not a single client has ever even noticed it.

I agree they’re obtrusive. But they cost money to create, and serve a function to keep the business alive. I try to be delicate about it. :slightly_smiling_face:


welcome to every day of my life at work.

not much worse than the “i’ll know it when i see it” clients.


Except “I’ll know when I see it” relatives.


I know right? We’re the little minions.


they’re still clients, just pickier and with longer-lasting grudges. :wink:


Yeah but the quote goes higher with every round of mock ups for a customer. I’m still waiting for my brother to pay me for some design work I did for him in the 1990s.



i don’t do paying work for relatives. i’ll either do it for free but limit my involvement/time or i’ll claim to be too busy w/regular paying work. it always ends in one or both sides being sad when there’s money involved. and none of them would want to pay my real rates anyway.


Good thing I’m the “OK my rate is $120/hour and the clock started 45 minutes ago” kinda designer.

They make up their minds real quick.


This is a VERY good motto!


this doesn’t work when you’re in-house. and overhead.