The Joy of Design



Just try to get a decent requirement out of Marketing: it’s not possible.

About ten years ago the then marketing department decided they would find a graphic design firm to provide all of the files for the new GUI. This made us happy as we had no one in house that could create anything original graphics-wise. I had deliberately made the prototype screens as ugly as possible to emphasize we needed professional help (my bad.) They got bids, samples of artwork, etc… I said make sure they have experience with graphics for software. R&D was not consulted further. We were presented with our new partner. After going back and forth several times with the designer about what R&D needed changed, she asked, “what’s a pixel?” They had only ever done print work.


haha. I just got the “add Blockchain” request. OK, to solve what problem? (no answer since they don’t understand what a Blockchain is or does…)


…this weekend :smile:


That’s one I’d love to read!

Started in on the 27bslash6 one this morning and was laughing so hard I cried.


I read half a dozen of those yesterday and just about hurt myself. Finally had to stop. :smile:


My shop had to deal with a client from hell regarding her wedding cake. Not sure if anyone watched the episode of 2 Broke Girls with Lindsay Lohan as the guest star. It was that and more. The bridezilla changes her design faster than she blinks her eyes.


Lol, when my wife and I got our cake done we showed up with a picture said “make it look like this” and left. Done.


Nice!!! :grinning:


I learned a new new colour name from that wedding order: Periwinkle



That was a great film, but man did you have to pay attention! :smile:


So many great scenes and quotes… once you’re able to figure out what they’re saying.


Every now and then I’ll get lucky with the website. Sometimes they upload a huge image and shrink it down, or I can get a larger version by playing around with the url. I still have to vector it out by hand, but at least I’m not guessing at what I’m looking at.


So @Jules may I ask which holder you finally settled on? I may need to make one for a friend.


He liked the horizontal one. :slightly_smiling_face:

(I haven’t started actually building them yet…he sent a request for info out to all the office managers for the names to include, and naturally, hasn’t heard back yet from anyone. So it will be a last minute panic assembly job on no telling how many of these things. ROFL!) :smile:

When do you need it, and do you have a machine yet?


Yup. Just pushed off all of today’s work to read this instead. Thanks a lot. :joy:


Thank you Jules…yes I do have a machine since 6/22 … you know how when you finally get something and it is…well… awesome…but …well…my brain because of depression I think…farted out…and my imagination went away for a while…lol


Which one you want?


I’ll make it eventually…I do like the horizontal…though.


I need someone to test cut one for me…I’ll send you the file.
(As long as you promise not to mass-produce, chuckle!) :wink:

It’s going to be slotted and kerfed for medium walnut and cherry PG ply, so you’ll need to either cut it from that or adjust the slots. Just let me know if the fit is good when you assemble it, or if it needs to be adjusted.