The Joy of Design



ok Jules…thank you… :heart_eyes:


The clients that can’t decide (“I’ll know it when I see it” excuse, means they shouldn’t be making these decisions/are not qualified, because if they were qualified to make such decisions they would provide meaningful direction, not ambiguity) get charged time and materials not by the project/job, especially those that iterate/tweak. At least that seems to make us both happy in the end. They know what their decision making cost them over time.


i’d just prefer not to have those kinds of client. i can’t make them go away at work (where they’re all internal clients), but i don’t have to work with them for other projects. even if you charge them for the time, it’s frustrating and unfulfilling work. only way i’d consider doing that kind of work on my own is to charge them 2x my rates or more. otherwise, i’d rather play with the dog or do jobs for myself. and even then, sometimes it’s still just not worth it.


@Jules that is so funny — it drives my 24 year old son crazy — he walks into the tech room (imagine a standard bedroom but instead it has 2 (6’ long) desks with electric controls, 3 3D printers, desktop, 2 laptops, filament, wires, and electronics everywhere) — and he sees my fiance’ and myself messaging on google hangouts and our desks are on opposite walls with our backs towards the middle of the room. He says out of exasperation “oh for Pete’s sake! turn around and talk to each other!”


There is something to be said for direct interaction once in a while. Sounds like a nice little maker space though.


Just wish it was big enough for the GF…could be but would be very close (wouldn’t work once we got the pass through working) — and the smell (vented through window even) wouldn’t be good for our lungs (by the other bedrooms too). So for now it’s downstairs — so at least we get some exercise running up and down the stairs. :wink:

Hoping that I can start making more with the GF to help our Maker Space get a physical space again so we can grow ---- that is where any I get goes…straight to the Maker Space fund. I want this sooooooo bad — I met my fiance’ through the Maker Space and my (adult) children learned a lot through the group so I really want us back up and running again.