The last... 6ish months of projects

Good deal! :grinning:


its the hard earned lessons that stick with you :grinning: and that was painful


WOW! Sooo much inspiration! REALLY interested in the vertical chess board. Been wanting to do one of those for a long time now.

Really great pieces.

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My favorite are the butterflies. What a great collection! :astonished:

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Holy smokes, your productivity is incredible!

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Another awesome collection.

And thank you for the bathroom rating sign idea I am going to expropriate for a friend.

Some amazing work. Real gems there. Makes me realize how much I’m NOT using my unit.

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Goodness! You’ve made a ton! Thanks for sharing.

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WOW! How do you set your prices??? I am a newbie on all levels.

wow. wow. wow!

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looks like you’ve paid it off by now… LOL… great stuff!

Absolutely epic, @JeremyNielsen. There’s just one problem: now I have to wait another HALF A YEAR to see what else you’re doing.


Hahah! I’ll try to post them here more… Don’t have too much time to post though… Too busy lasering! :joy:
For anyone interested they can follow my work at @laserallthethings on Instagram.


These are all so gorgeous! I especially love the Twin Peaks sign.

Lots of cool stuff, Interesting to see how you made some bigger art by just putting 2 pieces together and it appeared like I couldn’t see the line. We feel pretty constricted by the bed size already.

Also, I might know those Bergmans in Laclu, recognize Falcon lake and all that Bison art as I’m (originally) from Kenora! Small world.

Great work! What fong did you use on “The Andersons” piece?

uh… “… too busy…” we figured that out ourselves… we are a pretty quick bunch around here.

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