The latest in laser vaporware

The only consumer-grade diode machines I’ve seen were pretty much impracticable for cutting 1/8" wood or acrylic.

Paper and cloth don’t interest me.

I’m willing to be edumacated.

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I actually do have a diode laser as well (snapmaker 2.0). There is a reason why I don’t really bring it up, its not impressive of a machine lol.

I am loving cloth in the machines :slight_smile: I have been working on a red velvet cape. Roses engraved with the glowforge and then used the glowforge to cut out a few thousand petals and roses from satin. It is taking forever.


Is that one of those 3 in 1 machines?

Do you run Lightburn on it?

yes and yes. I didn’t have a lot of space and wanted a 3D printer option and figured also having a CNC would be good. Having a diode laser couldn’t hurt either. I did get it an enclosure and its not a bad machine but it really is not a machine that releases creativity.

One of the nice things about the newer batches of diode laser kits/machines is that the mount is starting to become standard and you can swap out diode packages at any time. I saw someone mount a 40W (input power I’m sure, it’s probably 10-20W and likely beam merging 2 diodes) on I THINK it was the D1 machine and went through HALF inch pine in 4 passes (and it was most of the way through on the third pass). They are definitely getting better in leaps and bounds in the last couple years.

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Take that back… it was a NEJE Master 2S Plus. There’s some confusion as to the output power. The amazon ad says 10W output. One video says 15W output.

Interesting link.

I’ll repeat my previous comment/request.

If anyone has a link to a consumer-grade product that can cut even 1/8" material like the GF, please, share, I would love to know because I doubt my GF will last much longer.

I’ve tracked these diode lasers for quite some time. I’ve never purchased one, primarily because they appear to be toys used primarily for light engraving. I’m not a GF fan-boy but a 40W CO2 appears, from my research, to be vastly superior for cutting compared to and consumer grade diode laser.

I would never choose a diode over CO2 with current tech for cutting stuff. But it CAN be done. But I gotta admit I was thinking of getting one before those idiots over at OMTECH gave me a line of credit. :smiley:

I’d likely get an Ortur and then add an NEJE dual head. I’m pretty sure that’ll cut 1/8" ply in one pass but I don’t need one and really want to spend my fun money on a new 10" Jointer (Wahuda). The other tool coming before the diode laser is a Rikon 14" band saw to replace my little Delta. Tough to have to make choices :stuck_out_tongue:

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