The legend is back!

I just saw this today on Bored Panda.
It looks like the legen… wait for it… dary Nokia 3310 is going to be re-launched this year!

What do you think?


I had one of those! I hope it’s a nice updated version.


I’m a smartphone user.
But I don’t see any need for a middle-school kid to have internet in her pocket. I’d like to issue the kid a cheap, durable device that she can text and call with.
Also, several geezers in my life don’t smartphone. They like dumb phones, and dumb phones are getting to be fewer and junkier.
Inexpensive durable communication. Maybe with some updates, maybe thinner, maybe water-proof, and preferably with scrollable voicemail from this generation rather than the old school tape-mimicking voicemail.
I’ll probably buy one.


I loved that phone, wish I could go back. but then I’d have to get an MP3 player, laptop, and a PDA. plus my apple watch would be kinda useless too.


I’m not seeing the appeal…am I just blind?


First cell phones, bought 2 after passing each other going to pick up the same kid.


I hope the same, maybe color screen an some sort of wifi capability :sunglasses:

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So would get that phone for both kids. (If my carrier didn’t charge me $100 a month for the privilege)

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Certainly not for everybody.
A cheap smartphone is junk.
A usable smartphone is several hundred bucks.
It’s basic - I’d buy it for my kid. If the kid wants a smartphone, the kid can mow a lot of lawns, and when the smartphone lands in a pool or gets stepped on, then we go back to the cheap simple parent-provided Nokia.

If you don’t have irresponsible dependents, there wouldn’t be any appeal.


My one brother would like this. Not a Luddite but just doesn’t want to mess with having the world’s information in his pocket.


I love having a library in my pocket.
A global communications network is a hallmark of an advanced civilization. One of the reasons this day and age will be remembered, historically. I can’t imagine not availing myself of it.


I loved this phone!!! Perfect size…and, if I’m thinking right, it had the only game I ever mastered…Bounce! Maybe TMI but, I’m a long pooper, so I would play this game every day, for at least 30 minutes. After several years (yup…slow learner and not very dextrous) I beat the last level…to an anti-climactic Congratulations or something like that :confused: Whoomp, whomp.


If I didn’t already have the smartphone, I might also consider this along with a tablet. Because (especially as I get older) that phone screen just doesn’t cut it for a lot of things.

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