THE LIGHT IS GREEN when i turn my machine on. HELPP!

Please help, my machine was working fine and then i shut it down. When I went to go back and use it I turned it on and then the started glowing green and just stays green.


That generally means you need to reconnect it to your WiFi…

Thank you , it was green green not teal, it seemed a piece came unplugged after further investigation. Thank you!

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you are welcome, sorry wasn’t much help…

Hi @britlbarry, a green button means that your Glowforge is in factory reset mode.

Based on your last comment, it sounds like your unit is back to normal. Is everything working ok now?

ya all set, a ribbon wasnt connected

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@britlbarry, I’m glad to hear you found the cause of the issue and are back up and printing. That is great news!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out again should you need anything. We’re happy to help!