The long awaited golden email!


Hello everyone! I’m a long time lurker, first time poster. Today at approximately 12:42 pm local time I received the Golden Emal! I placed my order on 09/29/15, can’t believe the wait is almost over!! I have enjoyed seeing all the projects and ideas you all have come up with over the years lol. Now I just need to decide what the first project will be!


And it’s your cakeday!


Nice gift on the anniversary on signing up for the forums (AKA Cakeday!)


Congratulations! :grinning::confetti_ball::tanabata_tree::tada::dizzy::confetti_ball:


Happy Cake Day! What a great email to receive on this day!


Indeed it was!


Congrats! I’m a fellow day 6’r and received the email this afternoon as well. Exciting times ahead!!!


Congrats! :grinning::sparkles::balloon::tada::confetti_ball::tanabata_tree:


Lies!!! The cake is a lie.


Awesome news! Get ready!!




Received notification 9/26/2017, received tracking 10/9/2017, expected delivery 10/11/2017.!


Wow! That’s great! Still no tracking email for me yet…soon I hope! Guess I’ll have a little more time to get things ready for the arrival.


That was the best laugh of the day Henry. Thanks for that.