The long-awaited Tested review


I like to imagine tested has a wardrobe department that is constantly buying quirky graphic tees to outfit everyone.

It was interesting to finally see their review - thanks for posting it! I like seeing how other people use theirs and what’s important/annoying/whatever to them.


You beat me to posting this :stuck_out_tongue:

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Good review, even if some of the details weren’t particularly accurate.


Their first review on their PRU had quite a few inaccuracies. This one was better, only picked up on one miss-speak. At the 19:00 mark they talked about the ~3 hour duration limitation and that the unit needed to be connected the whole time because it streams data in batches. That feature is not yet enabled and is the primary reason for the ~3.5 hour time limitation.

All-in-all it was a pretty upbeat review. Of course there were lots of unmentioned Pros and Cons but they should have pointed out the operating temperature range limitation.


Yeah, I think the review was fine, I commented on it in youtube as well.

I think the biggest thing they missed is that the software side is still in beta. A lot of their issues stem from the software side, which I think is accurate.

With that said, the notion of beta in a production environment is going to lead to this, and really, it is still fair. A product should be reviewed for where it is now, not where it might be down the line.

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These guys are in San Francisco… they probably haven’t run into that issue :stuck_out_tongue:


Agreed! Even garages have A/C. My Pro should clear customs tomorrow but it looks like I’ll be forging at night when its 71F not during the day @ 82F.


Lots of positives and negatives in here. Negatives are in line with what I understood early on and the positives still outweigh them!

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yes, just watched it, while there might be pros and cons that they didn’t mention, I think they hit the nail on the head with their overall assessment:
for a fraction of the price of any comparable professional machine, the GF puts easy to use laser cutter within reach of makers.

and that’s even when you don’t take into consideration that most of us spent half the MSRP…

I would also note that both Jeremy and Norm seem to mostly be busy with fun projects, recreational laser cutting so to speak: I am always very curious about people actually using the GF as a tool to make money, and how it would fare in a production environment.

BTW, Jeremy and Norm, I’m assuming you are on the forum, I’m a big fan of the channel!

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