The maker mind


I only started watching Birkey after getting to know him over on the Shaper forum. All his stuff is worthwhile but this was very worth my time and maybe yours as well.

I had a fricken epiphany watching it as well. What the common thread of all the seemingly disconnected things I’ve done through the years is. I’m a flow junky.


Thanks for that.
Sat with my breakfast toast and coffee, and feel that it was time well spent.


I had an art professor that would talk about going someplace else when creating, losing all track of time.


I just go completely deaf .
Or so both the ladies in my life have said so !


Well, that explains a lot. :smile:


This was a great explanation of how my/our brains work. I sent a link to my ADHD daughter and my girlfriend. My girlfriend doesn’t understand why I don’t just hire someone to ____. This should help her understand. Thanks for sharing.


Coming to the full realization that I am a flow/hyperfocus junky makes me wonder if I might be just a touch ADHD or similar? These types of diagnoses didn’t exist when I was younger. I trained my brain around being dyslexic (still can’t spell but overall…)perhaps I’ve trained my brain around an attention depict much the same way? Doesn’t really matter at this point in life but an intreating thought.