THE MFNY meet up etc thread


I just found out that I am going to be able to go to MFNY, :squeeee:
Now, everyone get busy posting where their display is going to be so I can visit.
Anyone interested in dinner or something Fri or Sat night?
@henryhbk, I know where you will be. Looking forward to meeting you in 3d.

Come on people, roll call!


I’ll be there on Sunday :expressionless:


I’ll be there Friday morning thru Monday! I have a booth # but not an exact location, but I will be in the dark section with a glowing ping-pong table. Stop by for a game.


What is the number? We’ll find you!
I’m flying in Fri morning so if you need any help setting up pm me!


Exhibit: 62950
62950.pdf (946.1 KB)

First time ever to even attend a maker fair, I don’t think set up will be too bad but if you want/need early admission I could use some “help”


The linky goes nowhere unless you are you.
But yeah, you probably need some help. :wink:


I really appreciated having a couple people around helping me set up. There is a lot of stuff going on and Maker Faire are very generous the passes so I invited my folks to help work off the passes I sent their way.

Wish I were there to meeet you all!


I’m going to MF on Saturday. And as previously posted, I’m having a sort of open house/meetup for anyone who wants to hop on the LIRR out to the suburbs. Besides the Glowforge, I have some other interesting toys, though I suspect if you are on this forum and attend Maker Faire you are very likely to have the same. Anyway, I’m not going to post my address so just PM me if you’re interested. The plan has been simplified from trying to organize a party to “just stop by when it’s convenient for you”.

Also also, dinner on Friday night could totally be a thing I’d be up for.


I’m actually only coming in 2D… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Great game idea!


Are you secretly Prismo?




Saturday for me.


I may be there Saturday, but that’s not confirmed.