The most Bomb B.O.M cover

A good friend of mine had a nephew getting ready to do 2 years of church service in the Iowa area. She requested a customer cover for his Book of Mormon and Bible. I paid an artist to generate the line drawing of the Nauvoo Illinois temple (on the bible) which will be close to where he will be serving. The states were just doing line tracings in Inkskape.

They were well received. :grin:

I am always excited when I can combine my love of leather with the laser.


Freaking awesome :heart:

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My best friend served in Iowa, and my other best friend served in Nebraska, but parts of one of his areas was in Iowa. Best friend #1’s family is from Iowa, so it’s hot a special place in my heart. Awesome work, did you make the covers yourself?


They came out absolutely perfect! What a thoughtful gift. And I’m impressed by the quality of your stitching.


Yup, I made the design custom, and i hand stitched the leather.


Thank you very much. I’ve been leather crafting for about 10 years now. I do every stitch by hand, thanks for noticing.


They’re beautifully done! Very impressive work!

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