The myriad uses of Koa

It looks like our state is finally going to allow tourist travel to resume, albeit with a negative Covid test, so we’re firing up the Forges again and making more Koa product. We still have a huge selection of laser-ready Koa sheets available for the lasering community, at for anyone who’s interested.


Looks like a whole product line. Looks great


I keep on gazing at the sheets you have online and trying to decide what I would do with one! Your post is giving me ideas :stuck_out_tongue:

Yay on Hawaii opening up a bit. They keep on saying we’ll have access to 24 hour turnaround tests “soon”. I hope soon is sooner rather than later!


Nice pieces! I like the little surfboards.


The wood is so beautiful! I

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So pretty!


I think I need to see these close up to fully appreciate them. How I long for an island vacation about now! Your wood is beautiful, as are your other products.

Beautiful work! Koa is one of my favorite woods. The earring panels with the birds really show the range of colors in koa.

Are you doing your own resawing or do you have a source for thin koa?

We do our own resawing. my husband works at a wood mill in Kealakekua, so most of this Koa is processed from pieces rescued from the slash pile at the mill.


The governor is claiming that we will open for tourism again on the 15th, for anyone with a negative Covid test. Come on over, we’ll give you a tour of the Koa wood mill!


Some beautiful pieces!

@ryan.niemer Happy Cake/Birthday

I bought some…afraid to cut into it…the wood is gorgeous.

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I would love that! I haven’t ever been to Hawaii or any of the other islands around it. I have heard it is beautiful (and expensive). What are the best times to visit? I have no desire to meetup with a hurricane or something similar in the air or sea.

I love the wood…so beautiful, just like the designs.

i can’t tell you if it’s the best time in Hawaii, but we spent two weeks in January (2011) split between Oahu (3-4 days) and Hilo/Kona on the big island (4-5 nights in a B&B in each) and it was glorious weather. while all my friends in DC were complaining on FB about the huge ice storm that turned their commutes into a 4-5 hour nightmare, we were diving, snorkeling, lava tubing, and wandering (those 9 days on the big island, we put 1000 miles on the jeep, including a couple of places the rental companies don’t want you to go). the weather was perfect.


Snorkeling is one thing neither of us have done and would like to try it. 2 weeks … wow! My longest ever vacation was last year for our honeymoon and that was 10 days driving around the Great Lakes and into Canada and staying on the Canadian side of the Niagara Falls, to my brother’s for a couple of days and then home. This sounds like fun…wait did you say LAVA tubing?! :exploding_head:

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old lava tubes, not active ones. they have very cool rock formations inside.

and honestly, when you spend a full day traveling somewhere, and a full day back, to me it doesn’t make sense to make it a short trip. we did the same for alaska. two full weeks.


Honestly, other than the fact that it gets pretty hot in the summer months, there isn’t a “bad” time to come to the islands. We were both born and raised on the Big Island, so maybe we’re biased, but we think it’s hands down the best of the bunch. And if you ever do come to the Big Island, consider yourself covered in terms of a tour guide… we love showing people the best spots, as it gives us an excuse to get out and do the things that we’re otherwise too busy with life in general to find excuses to do. The only confusing factor at the moment is of course Covid, which makes everything a little uncertain.


Nice. What tube is that?

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