The nature walk file needs work

The nature walk file needs work… words are overlapping and your not able to ungroup and fix on your own

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This area isn’t monitored by Glowforge so you may want to reach out to support directly. We’re just users like you. :slight_smile:


What is the “nature walk file”? I searched the Glowforge Catalog for “nature walk” and got no results.

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Hello Shoff! I am the creator of that file, and I’m happy to help you figure this out!
The reason why there’s overlapping, is because it’s meant for a double sided engrave…so you engrave one side, flip it over, and engrave the other in the exact same spot, with different words. There’s detailed instructions included giving you steps on how to accomplish that.
If you are still having trouble after reading those, come back to this thread and ask your questions, and I’ll help as best as I can :slight_smile:


Hi Dan! This is the one they are referring to. 2 In 1 Beach/Forest Scavenger Hunting Tray | Glowforge


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