The never ending quest to orginize

Finally, homes for extruders when not mounted on the printer.


Each one is different as besides wanting the trays I need to continue to experiment.


Looks wonderful! I need to get some slatwall for the garage storage. (Maybe after hubs gets the wall put in.)


If/when the studs are up just go directly to the studs. Any I put up out in the shop will be much easier than what I did in the lair.


Those look great!


You’re getting sooooooooooooooooo neat! What will you do when you finish?

Never mind … we can never finish.


Yeah, I should do a panorama so you can see that all this is just a finger in the dam. Never will be finished, but hopefully, I will get far enough along to make other projects run smoother.


I spend more time organizing than making … so, I hear you!


Mark, not sure if you saw this. Might help, with some of your slat wall ideas. Festi box generator has a new section for SlatWall objects (WIP).


Wonderful! Some day I need to do a 3D printing consult. Wondering about upgrading hot ends and whatever.

The first printer was a gateway drug and I am thinking upgrading for specific purposes rather than buying a new one.


I’m going to need a bigger slat wall!

I’d bet you a steak dinner that you know more than I do but that doesn’t mean that I won’t talk with you anytime. Quick change extruders are amazing!
A few more and I’ll have as much in them as I do the printer.

Do you have multiple Taz printers or are you just swapping out printheads in one machine? I’ve got a Taz6 but never acquired any additional printheads. I like your organization skills!

Taz 6 here as well. I converted to 1.75mm with a third-party head and it’s been great.

I should do that. I have three other printers (Prusa MK3, Pulse, and a Monoprice) . This 3.0mm filament drives me nuts :slight_smile:

I have the Taz 6, and it is an upgrade from the mini, I swap extruders and love what it does for me. I have 4 and have two on my want list. Trading extruders is much like swapping filaments, and you can do very different things with different extruders.
My favorite is the MOARstruder, it is fast and can make some robust parts from conventional filament.

Ha! :rofl: I’ve got everyone fooled. I do organizational projects to fight the riptide of entropy and my natural propensity to be a slob.