The new Moon Lamp monthly project

Just made the GF Moon Lamp project they just sent out to newsletter subscribers. I resized it to fit a Yankee Candle and didn’t do the acrylic insert on this one.
Pretty simple and nice project that we’ll find a place for in our home.
Thank you GF!!

20190621_163504 20190621_163513 20190621_163522



Nicely done!


A very nice design :slightly_smiling_face:


Love the pattern!


Looks nice!


So this is probably a dumb question, but, does this cut out everything needed? I mean, it (to me anyway) looks like the file only cuts out 2 sides and not 4? I’m probably just not looking correctly. Also, did you have to do anything to the file to cut it out on plywood, or will this work on draft board already as well?

EDIT: Looks as if this is made for thick materials? Can anyone confirm that?

Correct. You’ll need to cut two copies of the wood panels (4 total), but only one copy of the 4 acrylic panels.
Zooming in and panning in the GFUI (getting the slots under the ruler) confirms that this design is optimized for 1/4 inch (~6mm) materials.


Well, I don’t currently have any thick materials lol. Guess I won’t make it right now. Thank you!

Illustrator, Inkscape, Affinity Designer, etc. all have the ability to rescale the pdfs. A set of digital calipers will give you the actual thickness of the material. For example, divide 6.35mm (or 0.25 inches) buy the actual thickness to get the scale factor and apply to the entire pattern.

The finished product will likewise be smaller, of course. :wink:


I did not know this…lol. I will have to figure out how to do that in illustrator

Scale objects by a specific percentage in Illustrator

  1. Select all objects. (Ctrl+A)

  2. To scale from the center, choose Object > Transform > Scale or double-click the Scale tool .

  3. In the Scale dialog box, select Uniform, and enter a percentage in the Scale text box.

  4. Click OK, or click Copy to scale a copy of the objects.


Thank you. I was recently trying to figure out how to do this for something totally different. Pays to read all the threads.

I will have to try this again at some point soon. Thank you

Great tips.

Love it. Would you be willing to share your re-sized version? I’ve been trying the full-size, and it’s taking too much wood! That’s a problem when you’re just starting out, as I am. I can manage to botch just about anything!!

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Just a head’s up… @kgloverfl can’t do that without getting into trouble with Glowforge. It’s their design, even if modified. (We saw it in a similar situation earlier. The creator was asked to remove it.)

Good to know!! Thanks for the heads up. I don’t want to see another svg file for at least a week! It was one of those days. not lol :wink:

Yep! Been there, done that! :smile: