The old lid handle issue

Received my GF and have been having a blast turning out some really cool creations this week. Sunday after finishing a print the handle on the lid simply came off. It looks like there is a minimal amount of glue used…? Submitted and email to support, Sunday, and have left a message…still no response. Any other suggestions will be appreciated. TIA! Melbourne Beach Bill…; )

Hello from the west coast!
I am in Tampa. If your machine is over a year old it would be far better to fix yourself than have them repair it. If there are no wires involved I would just put it back with a small amount of CA glue with an eye to the forces involved so it would not come loose again.


Support will reply to you email and your options will be to send the machine back (assuming it’s new and under warranty) for a replacement, or fix it yourself - and they can’t provide any guidance on how to do that. There are, however, plenty of previous threads on how people solved it themselves.


To take the strain off of the glued-on lid handle, I place my thumb all the way back against the molded plastic before lifting. Then I take care to lift slowly to avoid breaking the glue bond on the back hinges.


The only wires in the front of the lid are the two magnetic sensors that connect to the end of the LED strips. The sensors are simple and minimal in wires and independent of each other. So they do not have wires running between them along the lid front. But gluing on the lid handle should still be fine as long as its not done in a way that strains the connectors to the sensors. That all is just dependent on how this particular lid broke though.

Verifying that you did receive the auto-response after sending your email (it would have been immediate). If you did not, then either they didn’t get your message or you didn’t get theirs. Check your spam folder and make sure to add to your whitelist. If you did get the auto-response it will have assigned you a ticket number and if you want to send more information you should respond to that email - not send a new one.

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Thanks for all of the insight, it is appreciated. I did hear back from GF today. Going to glue the original for now and have requested a replacement lid to be sent.

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Did they say they would do this? I would not have expected they could do this.

Just heard back from them and no it’s not a new lid it’s a whole new unit…looking at the handle they only have two holes for the glue to really grip on to…I’m going to drill about five more and ask for a new unit to be shipped. I’ve only had it for a week…how are things in Tampa? What are you doing with your GF?

You don’t want to get a drill near that glass. It is tempered and if you get a crack started you will not likely have a piece left an inch long. As they are sending you a new unit I would do no more than add a bit of CA glue and treat it with care not to break it loose again.


10-4 will glue only. It does seem that more grip points, holes, would hold better…IMHO

More holes would possibly mess with the Warranty. Glowforge is better than most that would drop a warranty on the least excuse, but if you will soon have a replacement soon it would still be better to not give an excuse.

10-4 just going with the original holes and glue…

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Do you have pictures if your lid that came off . We could probably help you solve this if we had some pictures

Hi Melissa and thanks for reaching out. Received permission from GF to glue it back on and they are going to send a new unit. Take care, thanks again.

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