The One Dollar Experiment


This, is wholeheartedly a shameless plug.

For about a year now I have been making and selling decals and other small items on the sit of my full time job. It really is fun but I would like to expand the business more. I know the Glowforge will pay for it’s self in time but I would also like to get a CNC machine and 3D printer along with many other tools and materials.

Ever since I was a kid I always thought about how if everyone gave 1$ to a goal then it wouldn’t be anything to them but could make a world of difference to one persons dream.

So I’m testing this theory. I started a GoFundMe today to see if anyone was willing to donate $5(GoFundMe Minimum) and share my fund for others to have the chance to do the same.

Here is the LINK

Thank you for your time.

EDIT: Didn’t realize there was a GoFundMe $5 minimum.


Hmm… I attempted to leave a dollar amount of 2.something, but it says $5 minimum. Probably something you werent aware of…
donated anyways. good luck!


Just donated!! I can’t agree more with the idea :smiley:


No I was not. Crap lol.

Thanks for the heads up I’ll have to go change that.


You guys are awesome!


Yeah, you probably should edit the descriptions on GFMe and here just to be clear.

Bet the transaction charges are too high to make $1 doable for GFMe.


Yep, as soon as I edited here I fixed it on there too. It must be taking a bit to update the page. Thanks for the heads up and donation!


What genre of CNC machine are you looking to get? (I mean: router or mill?) If you’re thinking benchtop mill, I have a Torus Pro that I’d like to sell (if you’re interested in a used machine).

PS, No pressure about my mill, there are many reasons you might not want it. I’m still interested in talking about what you DO want though, if that’s a direction you’re cool with this thread going.


Done! Good luck with your project :grinning:


I’m looking for one that will get me the most versatility and financial gain for the money.

If I get a bench top one then I would like to be able to engrave aluminium.

Otherwise I may get a Maslow cnc


Thank you!


I’m not sure about the OP, but I’m jumping in here with my want. I want a Tormach 770 or a 440. Not too big, not too small. I have 3d printers coming out of my ears, and soon I’ll have a Glowforge. I would love to have a CNC mill.


Pitched a few dollars your way. Good luck!


Thank you!


Ah, so you’re shooting more toward CNC router territory. I don’t have much knowledge in that arena.

@dystracktd, sweet! Both good machines from what I’ve seen (I mean: seen on video, never in person). Prolly best to start a new topic to talk about them further…


Wow it’s already up to $90! People are awesome!


Now $95 :wink:


Thank you!!


A few folks have sent notes that this appears to be on the borderline of off-topic commercial solicitation, so I’m going to close the topic. Good luck @soldiercoleman!