The original preview feature

Ok so who knows of the original preview feature? Any OG Glowforger’s remember it? Any brand new members never hear of it before? I managed to find the only video recording I have on it and made it into a video between now and then and why I would like it back if they can speed it up some:

Let me know if you want it back or if you want it in general if your new and never knew about it before and if they could speed it up with the new super computers.

If any staff members (I know the staff doesn’t read this section much) are out there and could make it in the bottom right corner as an option again would be awesome to add to the hopper.


This was discussed 4 days ago, it was removed for performance issues.


I didn’t see that discussion within that post, I missed that, my bad. I know it was removed for performance issues back in 2018 but now that they have updated super computer servers I was hoping they could add it back to the hopper and revisit it to see if they could improve it to be faster as mentioned in my post here now that they made advancements in server processing and its 4 years later.


I though it was fun, but never terribly useful. It doesn’t provide much data that the set-up view in the app doesn’t…I guess if you’re not sure whether you’ve set something up correctly it might be of help, but (at least in the time I had it) not to me.


I remember it and was sort of disappointed when it went away, but like everything else, I’ve adapted.


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