❤️ the Passthrough

Ok. It doesn’t do everything we want, but I find it incredibly useful. I would hate to be without the option. For me.

I used it to get to the corners of my Proofgrade piece and for a long piece of maple trim that I didn’t want to cut to fit. I can just “nibble my way up the board as I need to do so.


These work great for supporting longer pieces.



Yeah, i got a couple of those and first thing I did off the bat was trip over the stupid bar and skew my first try at a passthrough cut! :roll_eyes:

(just watch where you’re stepping when you use 'em)


Does the pass-through stop at the level of the crumb tray or does it go lower so that we can pass through things that are 1-2" deep?

The pass-through is ~3/8" tall, designed to work with materials no thicker than 1/4".


And designed specifically for use in conjunction with the tray.


Before getting my machine I thought I would never use the passthrough – I don’t really have a use for making very large things in stages. But it wasn’t long before I realized how many other use cases there are. The biggest one for me is that a lot of materials are available in 12"x24" sheets and I don’t have to deal with trimming them down to 20". And as you pointed out, it can be helpful to use all the parts of the Proofgrade.


Same here. I just didn’t like the idea of being constrained or feeling as though I would miss out, so I bought the Pro (also the power increase). In the end, I really appreciate having the Passthough and I haven’t even used it for the original intent.


Same here. If the internal bed could handle 12"×24" sheets I probably wouldn’t use the passthrough much. But it is very useful for cutting sheets down to size. :slight_smile: