The Perfect Mothers & Fathers Day gift

We are excited to introduce the Homestyle Family Tree to our line up of customizable designs. We have created three different versions based on your design preference and a total of 12 designs and 7 Icons to fit your customers needs.


Although I think your designs are nice, I feel this is spamming the forum for commerial use. Also, you aren’t really describing anything you made with a Glowforge so I will move this post to Everything Else and let others weigh in.


No worries, I can update the post if you like. I wasn’t aware of any specific topic rules that I was breaking.

And no rule per se, but unless you have a habit of walking into your living room or your friends houses and announcing things just like you did above, the community as a whole finds it at least weird if not distasteful.

I know my friends would tire quickly of me just popping in to sell them on something.

I think it just may be the way this was written as a commercial instead of the personalized feel of the other things you’ve posted. And just so happen to put your links at the end.

May very well just be the tone here.


Although I am not aware of any particular rule that says you can’t advertise here, because I know you can link to your website or shop, I think you have to consider the content.

If you showed this on Made on Glowforge, and then just simply said if you’re interested in the file, here’s the link, pm me, or “follow my shop, link on my profile page,” that’s fine.

But this is a forum for makers, many who already have their own shops. I feel like instead of a personal forum experience where we can be proud to show off what we’ve made, it will start to feel like another ad I want to avoid clicking.

It’s nice work, but I think for this forum, the delivery needs to be more personal, and less of an ad. Just my two cents. I like seeing other people’s projects, but I have no interest in buying them.


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