The possibly practical papermate pencil project


This will evolve.

Since I couldn’t decide where to begin with the pile of pinterest links, forum bookmarks, browser bookmarks, and cryptic notes on my phone, I started designing something from scratch. I knew it would be a container of some kind… Or a spaceship. Or maybe a desk-organizer. Part of the idea was to have elements for using up tiny bits of proofgrade from other projects. The other part of the idea was pencils. Also christmas tree ornaments, but that came later.

Anywhoo, I ended up with this:

…from which I made this, um… pencil jar for pencils:

With eraser-feet:

And also a “not at all an x-wing fighter” (pictured here next to a small "actually an x-wing fighter):

This is all friction fit, and will certainly evolve before it is “done”.


A jar for pencils made of pencils! Love it! :grinning:
(Whatcha doin’ with all the little center cuts?)


You’ve really got some brilliant ideas you’ve been sitting on for a couple years. Can’t wait for whatever’s next!


Well, you do have a great imagination! Awesome projects!


These are great.


I’m betting those are the Christmas tree ornaments he’s talking about, looks like they have little holes for a ribbon loop to hang from.


Putting them in a jar.

Why would I do this?


:laughing: No not those, the ones with your artwork on them.


Oh, der. Yeah, @mpipes has is right, those are the christmas ornaments. Unless they turn into something else.


This is a wonderful idea. I am defiantly going to be showing your post to my wife for ideas to use in her first grade STEM class.


Sub-iteration N°1: Some kind of fidget spinner, or maybe a wheel and swingarm.



Looks more like the adapters to fit a 45 to a 33 spindle.


oh, it’s a 45 adapter, no doubt. Just happened to fit onto the pencil-hex spacer, which became a (rough) wooden bearing.


Clever! Great job nesting parts in your design, too. I love that you’re collecting the tiny hexagons - make sure to show us what you do with them.


I’m often impressed with people’s designs and builds. But you have just made me smile!


I got plenty of slumgum… that stuff is great for fire starters


Well empty it out! Make room for the cupcake!



Love the design, very creative! Of course the ACHD in me wants it symmetrical I can appreciate!


Brilliant! Would be a great teacher gift with all the pencils. (Pending project poaching!)