The section of a mirror acrylic

I’ve cut a mirror acrylic sheet with my GF.
the section of that it’s not smooth like a wave.
Though I’ve tried few times same result

is it normal?


You may be getting flashback which can be addressed with a slightly lower power - but also the mirrored backing could be flaking off which can happen depending on what the manufacturer used to attach it - it’s hard to tell from the photo.

Are you using masking on both sides? That can help with either


I’m using masking tape on both side and cut from back side.

I think this is because of the acrylic sheet.
I bought it from Alibaba(china).

Do you have any idea except for the acrylic quality?

I checked carefully on a couple of designs I made recently, the edges are smooth. I typically remove masking from both sides before cutting. Both Proofgrade and non-Proofgrade (using Proofgrade settings that I had tested previously.)

Is that mirror acrylic sheet?
When I removed masking tape from both side and melt surface of it.

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