The smell of walnut

I DID search the forums for a smell post, and while I found several, they were closed so I thought I’d open another.

I LOVE the smell of walnut when it’s engraving / cutting. I’m creating a veneered, geometric picture frame (pics to come once I get past the design / testing phase) and I’m cutting cherry, maple and walnut for the shapes. The walnut smells AMAZING. I loved turning walnut when I had a lathe specifically for that reason.

Wife also loved the smell last night. Can we partner with Yankee Candle and create a GlowForge candle? :smiley:


It’s so odd how different people react to burning woods…I like the walnut and cherry, can’t tolerate the maple worth a damn, and absolutely love padauk. Also rather fond of burning cardboard. (Strange.)


I cut a sign for my daughters teacher out of walnut, WOW that was the best after smell ever. I stocked up on a whole stack of walnut to make a few more things out of, in part just for the smell. :smiley:


One odd thing on the subject of smell tho, I really do NOT like the smell of MDF but my daughters teacher loves it! I cut all sorts of things for her classroom (Montessori) and generally bag them up to take them in so my car does not smell and she opens the bag to smell them. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I love the smell of burning cardboard! And I don’t think I really realized that until reading your post and going oooh yes that’s a good smell.


The char though… I wind up covered in it after every prototype. (Like right now…got to wash.) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have a serious GF obsession, apparently. I love the smell of every piece of wood I put in it… I smell people burning leaves, and I’m looking for a 4 inch vent from their house with smoke emanating from it, just in case they are a fellow enthusiast…
That being said, leather and acrylic… I could do without those smells…


Agreed with all! Esp acrylic - I do NOT like that smell at all. Haven’t tried leather yet, although I have a B-Day present idea for the Mrs…


The smell of smoke could be considered in some circumstances to be the smell of safety. Modern humans can metabolize toxins in smoke much more efficiently than our ancient ancestors:
This likely evolved due to being around fires for a significant amount of time. Keeps out the cold, the dark and the things that go bump in the night…


Leather is pretty bad–like burning hair. I think it’s worse than acrylic, though, I realise not everyone will agree.

I love the smell of walnut burnt or just the wood itself. Not so much for pine and cedar.

p.s. I like the smell of acrylic too.


Now that’s just wrong! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I so agree, I grew up in Wisconsin where I made more project than not out walnut. Now I retired from army in central texas local wood is red cedar which I love also but miss walnut cost and good few hours to get walnut limits my use. But brings back good memories. Love to try on my gf not proof not the same I tryed.

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