The Spiral Bowl Is Getting a Home

I decided I’d like to make a simple gift box for the bowl to go in, so I came up with a mock-up for what the box could look like. I’m looking for advice on what to change, what to keep the same. Obviously the final product wouldn’t be in draftboard, but I do like making mock-ups in draftboard.

Here is the box closed. Like I said, a very simple box.

Here is it open with the bowl inside. (The bowl is almost complete. I stained it, now I just need to seal it.

You’ll notice I used chipboard to create a lip so that the lid can rest on it and not fall off the bottom of the box. My original idea was, once I had the size right, seal the chipboard and glue it into the sides of the box. I’m now thinking that I could probably get a better effect, while the function would remain the same, if I used draftboard instead of chipboard.

Finally, as you can see from the inside of the lid, all the designs are actually cut out of the wood. (I didn’t even use any glue for the mock-up.) I think I could get a similar effect from engraving and veneer, but haven’t tried that before. Then again, this is my first go at this too. Any pointers from those of you who have done this before would be greatly appreciated.


Gosh, it’s an amazing box!

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Beautiful! Love the insets! :grinning:

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Looks like you have a good handle on it, I agree with the inside rim being wood - if there is room for it.


I have been pondering the efficient way to have a top box fit nicely onto a bottom without doubling up the inner box. One way to do it is to do an engrave of the inside of the top to make a rabbet half dept, just 3-4mm wide and then the top a rabbet on the outside engraved. It does add time to the process, but it does work well for a snug fit without adding more material.

Nice work. Would be cool if you could inlay those top designs.


Most people would say that box is pretty as is! I would! :slight_smile:

Well done inlays


Not sure if anybody is still watching this, and it’s been a long time (busy time of the year), but thought that I would share the final product. Stained birch plywood. The dark inlays are stained draftboard. I wanted to go for a flatter look on the inlays.