The store 500 error is back for me


Trying to place a PG order and I’m getting the 500 error when I go into my cart. It’s happening on Chrome & Safari on my Mac, and on my iPhone the circling “thinking” animation just runs non-stop on my add to cart button.


I also get this error, it started with the cart and now just going to the shop gives a 500. I emailed support about it yesterday and they said they are investigating. Hope it gets resolved soon.

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Thank you so much for the details, @Mike13. I’m looking into it now. As soon as I have more information I’ll update this thread.


Any update on this @vee? I need to place an order soon or buy elsewhere.


Yes, an update would be appreciated. I continue to be blocked from entering the store with a 500 error.


I ended up ordering from Inventables. Needed it shipped & on the road. :frowning:


@vee @Rita I’m still getting this 500 error days later. Already had to buy my acrylic elsewhere but still need some plywood. Is this just on my end? Or is nobody else trying to buy :proofgrade: this week?


It just worked for me.

Often times the 500 error is a communications timeout on the receiver’s end. Have you tried it from a different network or ISP? Like from work as well as home?


Home, work, laptop, iPhone… on my laptop I get the 500, on my iPhone and my wife’s laptop it just hangs with the circling progress indicator when you click on the add to cart button. Aaaaand I just tried adding to cart on my laptop and it hangs for me too. (I have 4 items in my cart yet - so that’s why I’ve been just trying to get into the cart)


Have you logged out of all of the places you’ve been trying? Using Chrome as the browser? It honestly did just work for me so it seems localized.


Yup - chrome on both machines but same happens on Safari. Logged out, cleared cache & browsing history, no joy. :confused:
(and I’ve ordered PG before)


sheesh. Some issue with your account maybe. That’s unfortunately something only Support can fix.


Yeah, it is something they have to fix on their end…I got hit with it once and was out for a couple weeks. :neutral_face:


The 500 error is still occurring for me as well. It sounds like we both had pending items in our shopping cart. Maybe somebody at glowforge could clear out our pending items to get past the bug causing the issue?


Ouch! Makes me glad i ordered my acrylic elsewhere.

Hopefully they can take email orders - I just had an inquiry for a 13-sheet job, plus I have other wood needs too.


They likely can. My need wasn’t that urgent, so I just waited till they could get to it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Found a workaround - invited myself as a new user but through a different email account. Logged in and it works fine - now I can place an order. So @YawString, it definitely seems linked somehow to that product in our carts.


Interesting, anytime I go to I get the 500 error…

…but if I manually go to I get this…

I hope this helps in resolving the issue!