The story of my life. DND

If you’re a dnd player I’m sure you can relate xDTheStoryofmyLife


I am an Advanced Squad Leader player… i need that as Boxcars on 2d6


HA! “Sonuva!”
Read on the internets:
You reach out to push the troll off the bridge. rolls a 1
You gently caress his back.
The troll is uncomfortable.


Okay, I’m not a DND player, but that made me crack the hell up! :rofl:
(Great job on the banner too!)

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That’s the beginning of a really funny story. Somewhere along the way I ended up with that on a tshirt. :wink:

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I do that with TSA when they decide I need extra screening. I smile, giggle and moan the as they pat me down. They look uncomfortable, darned if I know why :wink:

For some reason they seem to take less time with me than with the other folks I’ve seen patted down :smile:

I should make a card with your quote that I can give to the TSA guy when he searches me.