The Tested crew discusses the Glowforge delay


Interesting discussion. I wonder how their comments would be received if they were posted to this forum by someone who just joined.

My guess is with derision.


We actually did a show last night (will be released soon), and our discussion was almost a mirror of their sentiments.

If people here don’t feel they need more communication, that’s their prerogative. I don’t understand berating others for wanting that though.

If glowforge wanted to live stream their work with a narrator (preferably Morgan Freeman or Wil Wheaton) id leave it on 24/7


I just hope we see more pre-release videos from them- maybe some Norm projects!!!


In the video, Tested says pre-order folks should send questions/requests for tests their way. Our good friend @marmak3261 has been accepting the same. Now I think we just need to give them the time to show their stuff.


Now in two threads.


I would think a live stream from Glowforge on Thursday evenings (their family dinner night and play time with the lasers in the office) would sure go a long way. I don’t expect they are showing or doing anything with their family that could not be made public. This would not require anything special to be setup other than someone to operate a camera. This would not take any time away from delivering a great product as this is already “free time”.

Just my two cents.


Hey @norman and Tested crew, if you really do welcome forum folks’ requests, I have a test that I would love to see you run.
[If you prefer a particular method of bringing a request to your attention, please do let us know.]

There has been much discussion regarding registration, precision, and coordinates in this thread: XY home position

My question for you is can you figure out how to get to the exact center of an item.

The test: Take a circular material, whether proofgrade or anything else. Using any tools you can, get the Glowforge to cut a hole dead center. Use that hole to put in an axle (dowel, pencil, whatever) and then spin up the “wheel” to see whether that hole really is centered. Several iterations are ok, but figure out how close you can get to center, and what process seems to work best.

Anyone with suggestions to make it a better test, I’m way open to that.

I would accept the results as where GlowForge is Now, rather than What to expect ultimately.


His handle here is @norman


This is a great thing to put as a new post in the Q&A section, if it’s something you’d like us to show you how to do. (It’s also cool if you’d prefer to ask Norman do it, he’s more fun to watch!)


Thanks, @dan, I will make a Q&A post. I didn’t figure the Glowforge folks have time for this right now.

It seems that it might help with the questions in the thread I referenced.

@karaelena thanks, I fixed it.

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The discussion about glowforge starts about 42 min in, just in case anyone doesn’t have the time or inclination to watch the whole podcast :slight_smile:

I think that pretty much goes without saying.

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Well I’m glad I’m a regular then!