The text has been removed ... Yes, I followed all the other steps in the other post

Text: billion dreams from dafont & elephant system font

I did the following with all my texts:
Typed out text
Selected & arranged, resized text
Path > Object to path
Rearranged a couple letters to move closer
Reselected all letters did Path > Union

I checked the bottom, it says text
I redid all the steps it still says text not the # of objects
I did view > display > outline and nothing hiding
I did view > split mode and nothing hiding
I read 8 other threads that are closed under Everything Else & Tips & Tricks and followed those suggestions and I’m still here
I even recreated it in Google slides and PPT and re-uploaded and still same error.

Any suggestions?

It doesn’t look to me as though any of the text you want has been removed. Therefore there is a tiny bit of text, maybe way off to the side or something, that is present in the file and giving you that error. You can just ignore the error message as long as what does get uploaded is what you want, or if you’d like to upload the file I’d be glad to help you look for the errant text.


Agreed. Happens to me all the time. When cutting and pasting, grouping and ungrouping, I invariably miss converting a piece of text that can’t be found. It’s there, but if I have a hard time finding it, I won’t miss it. Ignore the warning.


doesn’t inkscape also have a seperate “text-to-path” function? Not an inkscape user, but I recall someone else having a similar issue recently, and I think that was the answer.

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Thank you everyone for weighing in, I ended up hitting ignore and it still cut/engraved everything in my design. Super strange glitch I guess but I’ve got an end product that I was able to work out. @jbv I’m super new to Inkscape, like not even a few months new but what I’ve learned is that Text should be converted to Path’s I believe the Text to path option you may be referring to is when you want to manipulate the way your text appears and place it on a path, for that I believe it would be perfect! Thanks again all, I appreciate your time!

If you made an errant click with the text tool at any point, it’s very possible you just have an empty text box somewhere in the design. All it sees in the SVG is a field defined as a text field (like a placeholder) but it doesn’t have any actual text in it so nothing appears changed on your end.


If there is a text field that is empty the object list Object > object will show it and let you select it to erase or add text. It is also useful to see what you are sending to the GFUI.

Oh no, I’m sorry to hear you’ve hit a snag.

There are some excellent suggestions from our other forum users here.

Would you let us know if their advice has helped you clear up the trouble?

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I see that you’ve marked @cynd11’s response as the solution. It’s great to see that the information they provided resolved the issue! I’m going to close this thread. If you run into trouble again, or have other questions, please post a new topic here on the forum or email us at We’ll be happy to help!

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