The Through slot and the pro version!

So, a lot of the Pro version makes sense in the cost increase. More powerful tube means a more expensive tube. Better optics are more expensive.

What I am curious about is this -

With the feed thru slot for materials:

There is engineering and design cost, and probably a small material cost from the base model. There is also the element of the openable sides require the class 4 regulation. I do not know if there is increased regulatory cost,or costs I am not thinking of.

Would it be possible to sell a version of the Glowforge which has the pass thru, but not the improved optics or tube?

I see a lot of applications that it would be handy to have the option, but not worth the additional cost of optics and 45w tube. For example, if I wanted to be able to make a strap for that satchel, or make a new belt! For a number of users, I think that the change from class 1 to class 4 laser is acceptable.

I would pay 500$ for that additional feature!

If you are making something flexible like a belt or strap I believe they’ve stated that you could have some of the material rolled up, do some engraving, then unroll a different section and use the re-registration capability to line it up.

We don’t have that currently slated but I believe someone asked for it and I put it in the feature request list.

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Thank you both for the reply!