The time has come for change

Medium Maple Ply, everything is a tight press fit but it needs a hair of tweaking (notch depth on sides, for example).


That would be handy in the car for tolls and drive through change. :sunglasses:

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Exactly why I built it. It’s actually just a prototype, once I’m happy with how it works, I’ll customize the base and/or sides so it drops into a convenient place in the car (neither of my current two have coin holders.)


Another one of those cool practical designs that I like so much!

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Thats a nice, practical idea. Well done!

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Here’s the design, if anyone would find this useful. It conveniently drops into a storage spot in the center console of the vehicle I was intending to customize this for, so I’m not going to bother doing anything else with it.

coin holder

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