The (un)official vent against UPS thread

OK, I have my GF - at least, I have one of the boxes (the important one.)

I redirected it to the hub to remove additional risk of it being manhandled by temporary delivery package smashers. Got the notification and headed over there this morning. Could not find it. They called the guy in who had apparently scanned it, I described the box, he said he didn’t remember that (this was 30 minutes earlier!) Anyway, after being there about an hour, someone else brought it out. Standing on end. Corner crushed (not too badly, I have pics). Three out of four handles missing and the cardboard ripped.

Then I ask - where’s the second one? They say- you have a tracking number? I had seen online when I reviewed the shipment that there were actually two when you opened up the very bottom section, but I was able to redirect them by using only the primary number (it asked me if I wanted to include both packages.)

Of course, they have no idea, they search the system, say that’s the only one. I show them “1 of 2” on the UPS label, and the notification email where it states there are two packages using the (single) tracking number.

Long story short, the mobile web page doesn’t give you the same ability to view them, and they say there’s nothing they can do without that number. Gives me a different 800 number and says call back when I find it.

Halfway home, I remembered I had tried to load the app, but there’s barely any cell signal where they are located, so I pulled over and checked - app had installed, logged in, there it was, the details of the second package! Awesome… Try the number? Nope, just redirects you to the regular UPS number. Then I see, it was scanned in Chicago this morning.

I can live with that during this holiday season. I cancelled the redirect - not too concerned about damage to the crumb tray and vent hose. Shows delivery tomorrow. Frustrating to wait another day, but it wasn’t originally expected until Friday. I’m going to wait for help to move the box from my SUV into the (upstairs) toyshop.


UPS destroyed my GF after delivering only one box of two and marking both as delivered.

Yesterday, we got a gift box with some wine in it. Signature obviously required (alcohol is scary!). Yeah, no… box was on our front stoop with nary a knock nor signature required.

Speaking of signature required, here is UPS delivering a signature required bit of computing kit.

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Just had something delivered by UPS yesterday that was signature required and weighed about 70lbs. I was in the garage. I heard the mating call of the UPS truck (random note, why is it that UPS trucks are the only trucks that sound like that? Anyway.) I was in the middle of powder coating so I figured I’d have a couple seconds before I can stop and walk out. At the same time, I had that thought I heard a HUGE thud/slam and someone shouting ‘UPS’ I opened the garage door and the guy was at the bottom of the driveway. So he tossed it 10~15ft on the porch. I yelled to stop him and he waved and ran to his truck.


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I’m on the phone with USPS at the moment. I’ve currently been on hold for 56 minutes waiting for somebody to pick up.

Yesterday my Mom emailed me asking if I received a package on Monday. Nope. Tracking number shows “DELIVERED, FRONT DOOR/PORCH.” Well not my front door/porch. I have eight cameras on the front of the house and nobody set foot on the property all day Monday.

Last month I got “Unable to deliver because the business was closed.” Business? It is a house in an area zoned for single family residences and I was home with the front door open. Again, nothing on camera.

I’m not sure where they are trying to deliver things but I know at least one of their drivers needs to go back to school to learn their numbers. (I live on a numbered street so they don’t even have to know letters.)

The UPS bottom line is just to deliver. They don’t really care what is in the package. I had mine delivered to the local hub for pick up. As soon as I checked in they wanted a received signatures. And I bluntly told them not till all boxes had been inspected. I had to drive around to where it was thrown out on its side . It had been re-taped to help hold it together with handles missing. Then they wanted to load it up in my truck. But I stopped them then ask them doesn’t the sticker say THIS SIDE UP. And then told them it was not going anywhere till I checked inside for damage. The poor box was beat to death but the glow forge looked ok. They taped and loaded it up and I went home with my new toy after over two years. The Glowforge makes magic happen.:):grin: