The unspoken rule


… all hedgehogs must be reported.



ROFL! Best thing about that story is the name of the second fattest hedgie ever recorded…Mr. Piggywinkle. It’s a good thing I hadn’t heard that name before coming up with a name for the Glowforge. :rofl::squeeee::squeeee::squeeee:


I did meet a woman in Key Largo that had 2 dachshunds that were so fat their feet actually would not reach the floor and she would carry them to wherever they needed to go. Would a hedgehog’s legs be that short if they were that fat?


I bet @Jules even has one of these Hedgehogs!


Here is the link just in case you don’t have one, yet! :slight_smile:


I don’t! What the heck is that used for? :smile:

(Ahhh! I see - table saw material feeder. I’d have guessed esoteric torture device or kinky adult toy.)



Feather boards hold pieces of wood tight against a tablesaw fence or router fence. They also prevent kickback. Make using these tools a lot safer and result in cleaner cuts!


Disappointed? :sunglasses:

It still could be :grin:


Yeah…can’t top that. I got nuttin’. :smile:


I’m sorry, I heard kinky adult toy and thought somebody was calling me…