The wait continues, but I got the Golden ticket

Finally after watching my shipping request date bump out a few times the day before it was to be sent, it stuck.

Today the Golden ticket came, filled it out and await.

I’m a little concerned because I have to use a drop-shipper in Miami to get it to St. Croix, USVI (no UPS Ground :grin: )so it will take additional time and abuse til it arrives. UPS and FEDEX call us international, USPS calls us local. So we have to drop-ship from Miami otherwise its a fortune…

Praying it makes the trip safely because a return would be really expensive.


Congrats! (I hope so too.) :grinning:

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Nice! Christiansted or fredricksted? Do you have steady power?

I grew up there :slight_smile:

Clifton Hill/Profit. So South Central! I’s a west man though!

Since MARIA no steady power WAPA is a pain. but after 120 days + without currant I’m content.

AAAARRRGGGGHHHH! Got the shipping notice on the 7th but now UPS says it delayed due to severe weather (looking at radar it looks like Alabama and Northern Florida) and they’ll get back to me with a new date.

I hope it doesn’t freeze in the truck… If I had made it to the drop-shipper on the 12th (tomorrow) it would have made it on the boat, and I would have had by the 19th, now its at least the 27th…