The wait is over, well kinda

I got my golden email!!! so that wait is over but now the up to 6 week journey begins, I am excited to say the least but I have a question for those who got theirs.

Do you get the second email about shipping way later like between the six weeks or is there going to be another email later today about it now that I accepted the shipping? Just want to make sure I can stop refreshing my email constantly lol.

The second question is where is the inventables $50 code at? I seen people saying in the golden email but I am not seeing it… or is it in that second email that I asked about above ^^???

ps. I already used up all my in store glowforge credit for materials lol.


No answer from me…(I’m inside two weeks so I’m following intently…(and refreshing my email!))

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Heh heh, you can stop refreshing constantly. You will not get the second email until just before you receive the Glowforge (some folks in CA get the Glowforge before the email). In that second email they will give you the inventables $50 code.

Oh, and for me it was just under 3 weeks. This was for a Pro, in January. YMMV of course.


I’m in Ohio so Idk what the wait would be but thanks for the info, I hope I get the email with tracking number before the forge so I can make sure I’m home for it lol. Glad to know I wasn’t crazy on the code either lol I was looking everywhere. Also If I waited till now to get mine and they are giving us $20 for every month after dec 2016 if my math is correct this would be 13 full months as of january or 14 if they count february but lets say 13 for full months waited. 13 x $20= $260 for instore glowforge credit right? but I only received $200. Did I do that wrong or will the other $60 difference or $80 difference if they include february show up after I get the glowforge? Or did I not read any of it correctly about the 1 month = $20 after dec. 2016?

They don’t send your GF when they ask if you want it, they put you in the queue for building yours. That’s what takes the time.

As far as calculating the $20, here’s the post that helped me:


Thanks this helps.

Thanks for sharing your experience; 3 weeks isn’t too torturous. Where are you located?

That’s awesome, congrats! How accurate were they on the email date? Mine is set for tomorrow.

St. Louis, MO

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According to the UPS ground shipping map it will take 5 business days to make it from the factory to your doorstep. That’s best case, also normal case, weather and other forms of poor luck increasing the time. The proofgrade starter pack ships from TN, so about 2 days for that.

As per the link cynd11 provided, depending on when you ordered your store credit started either Dec 2016 or March 2017 iirc. I’m guessing you’re in the second group.


It was accurate, mine was for today and I got it today but I got it late in the day so don’t freak out like I did lol. I heard of people getting it a day late so that’s why I was worried lol

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Thanks for the detailed info. That’s super detailed. I’d love if they had it made already and got it 5 days from now but I know that’s hopeful thinking lol. I’m just glad to know the wait is almost done.

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Okay, cool. I’ll try not to freak out then if it’s a little later. Haha! Thanks!

Be ready because it could show up sooner. My golden email date was Feb 9th, I actually got it on Feb 7th and got a tracking number for the Glowforge on Feb 9th. So for me the “shipping” date was actually the shipping date. I’m in Houston and it arrived on Feb 14th with the proofgrade material showing up Feb 13th. So only 1 week between golden email and it being on my doorstep.


Cool! I’m IN Tn so maybe they’ll just pitch it to me! :football::baseball:

It was pretty accurate. Mine was for today and I had it around 1:00pm. It moved by a day at the beginning of the week but otherwise had been pretty consistent for the last month or so. Can’t wait for mine to be delivered!


Congrats! Yeah, I got mine today around noon I think. I know, can’t wait either

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