The yellow button of death

we made one cut on a piece of paper 2 months ago, still can’t get the yellow button to go away. what should I do next?

The yellow button is primarily a temperature warning. What’s the temperature inside - and if you vent outside, what’s the temperature outside?

it’s 68 degrees Fahrenheit. We tried to turn it on and off over the last 3 weeks with no change

68 F both inside and out would be right in the norms, which sadly means there’s a chance it’s your cable. Those failing have been known to result in yellow buttons. Turn off your machine, and check to see if all your cables (but especially the white ribbon cable) are seated fully and not falling out. DO NOT disconnect them, only wiggle and re-seat.

If not, you’re going to want to wait for a staff member to get here to check the logs in the background.

Not sure why you wouldn’t reseat the white ribbon cable going to the head.

Make sure the cable is routed correctly. It should go straight into the board and not be looped over the board. I would make sure power is off and disconnect, take pictures of the pins in the connector to post here for support, make sure none of the pins are bent — if none are bent, plug it back into the head and it will audibly click into place.


As too many folks have managed to burn their boards because they ignore the step regarding turning off power, I won’t suggest they do that - I’ll leave that to a staff member.

For checking the lid cable connections, I agree. Personally, I wouldn’t suggest wiggling those either.

For the head cable? That comes unattached and is removed frequently for cleaning, etc. so no big deal. :man_shrugging:t2:


I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.