Themed Acrylic Candy holder



So my daughter, who just got her Electrical Enginering degree requested a Buzz Lightyear themed Grad party.
I created this cute rocket to hold some kisses for her…
It was quite fun designing it all to fit together. I’m sure my mechanical designer husband could have whipped this out faster in AutoCad but I’m pretty good with Corel Draw😁

I designed it to fit snuggly together, adjusting for the kerf so it could be taken apart and not need glue. I even designed a piece at the bottom to snap into the three legs to hold it together.
Of course with my first attempt, I forgot I had my 1.5" lens in the cutter and it cut the edges with a slant. So when I started assembling it, the pieces didn’t go in at the necessary 90° angle so it just broke apart…:hushed::unamused:
Changed out the lens for the 2.0 and cut again. I also loosened up the slot sizes to add a bit of wiggle room for any more slight edge angles. I abandoned the clip part on the bottom since the fit was snug enough to keep it together.


What a fantastic party centerpiece that would be! :relaxed:


That is an AWESOME party theme! That is a nice centerpiece, too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wonderful! I immediately thought of the neighborhood free library my friend created.


Wicked cool! Love it. (Hate it when I forget the lens swap.)


Thats adorable


Yeah she and her husband, also an engineer, are just as geeky as the rest of our family…lmao. And kids at heart.
This was her Graduation Cap.


By any chance, were you a fan of Gillian Anderson? Nice work! Those monuments and mementos are going to be so sweet.


Well, I am moving into your house now to play with all the layzors!

Yes i intentionally spelled it that way


I go to so many fund-raising dinners. The centerpieces are sometimes given away, but some times they are part of the fund raising and they are auctioned off or sold. Definitely some creativity around centerpieces will be in order. Cool table numbers and gala themed stuff.


Nope… my daughter was born first… she stole the idea from me…lmao
My Dad was a pilot and I flew in PiperCubs alot as a teenager…:grin: