There are more things in heaven and earth

Tentacle pics follow.

Maybe my next engrave.


Fukushima Daiichi? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

A little more disturbing than a two headed calf.

Anyone who says these animals are not intelligent has not worked with them much.
An argument can be made that they are not really conscious, in the way we are, but they are scary super smart.

They will take a path of least resistance to any obstacle given them.
Even if out of water, they will figure the shortest path to return.
They have the equivalent of a brain in each extremity. Yes, their arms are semi-smart on their own.

Initial studies to see if color blind (they are - but are not - reasoning is they SEE color with their skin) proved something else. Well, other than they are very alien, that is.
Colored disks were used with food attached. Then one of the colors gave a shock when approached.
The specimen would never even acknowledge that color disk again when inserted into the tank, no matter what it was baited with.

Seems smarter than some humans with that reaction.


I watched the Gren Seas episode of Blue Planet 2 last week, and there was a really interesting (and stunning photographed) section on :octopus:

It’s a cephalopod fascination - so so cool…

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I had just seen, earlier today, that someone carved out a fallen redwood tree into an enormous octopus. There must be something I need to know about them if they keep popping up like this :thinking:


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