There goes Christmas

I got my email. The ship notification date for my Pro is December 14th. So I guess it’s early January. But I’m not holding my breath. Filter end of March.

Until the next “we let you down again” email.

Very disappointed


I’m puzzled by the order of things. My notice says Glowforge Pro Nov 15, 2017
Air Filter May 12, 2018
How am I getting my GF earlier and at the same time filter later? Is it a geographic thing?

Filters are not ready yet. Pros are shipping now at whatever rate manufacturing can produce.

That’s interesting, my GF says 10/13 but the filter is 4/6. The order of filters doesn’t really line up…

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My email says shipping January 26th. Ouch to me. And yes, I was in the first 30 day campaign.

We won’t get another “We let you down” announcement. Since people have access to their own updates delivery estimate.

Now we can just watch the estimates slowly slip on our own.


The filters are not complete. With the Glowforge shipping email, you will be given the option to delay the Glowforge or (as I did), take your Glowforge right away and have the filter ship later when ready,


I get that - I was comparing to OP’s dates, we don’t line up.
My ship dates are earlier for the GF and later than the filter vs his.

The ship dates don’t necessarily correlate with order dates. People who ordered a pro the same day as I did are getting it 2 months earlier than my basic.

I’m supposed to get the golden ticket email for my pro on Oct. 27th, but my filter won’t ship until end of April. So while I’m getting my unit earlier, you’re getting your filter earlier. Not sure how that works in their logistics system.

Yeah, Christmas is really out of the picture for me. I got my shipping update email last night and it says March 12, 2018. I’m just trying to decide if I’m going to hold on at this point. That’s another 5 months. I thought mine would be shipping next month.

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WOW! Today is my birthday and I am looking for this type of news. Did you tell them where to ship? Are you sure it said 10/13 or 11/13?

If it is 11/13, I think Glowforge should pay and credit you $5 each day. Instead of GF taking on new orders or while they were taking in new orders, they should have used our referral links.

This way, we all could get $100 back (starting back in Jan 2017).

Darn! They really don’t have a clue! Enough is enough. They have to do something. This is not acceptable. They are killing dreams and hope!

It’s a shame!

This is a real drag. Between the interest building on the credit card I bought my Glowforge with and the missed job opportunities (including 2 holiday seasons now)…I don’t see how my preorder is a deal. AND I wish they would stop asking me for referrals on a product they haven’t delivered on. It’s insult to injury.

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