There is no cut

I’ve cleaned my machine and all the mirrors. The print head moves as if it was cutting or engraving but there is no laser marking at all.
I’ve contacted support staff. Any assistance here?

Print the Gift of Good Measure on a piece of Proofgrade material using default Engrave/Score/Cut settings, and send a pic along with time of print to support, even if it’s blank. They can check the logs, settings, and pre/post print images, and determine if the machine has failed.

If all is as you describe, it is most likely either a failed power supply, or tube, and the machine will need to be replaced.


Double check that your artwork doesn’t have two or more vector shapes stacked on top of each other - they cancel each other out but the laser still goes through the motions.


Overlappingn vector design elements only affects/cancels out engraves, it has no impact on cuts or scores. Double up vector cut lines and the machine will simply cut twice.


It may sound silly, but check your power settings if you haven’t already. I’ve seen where, somehow, user’s power setting had been reduced to 1, a few times.


OP did say …“cutting or engraving”…

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