There must be some kinda way outta here


Iconic of the man, from my ‘Hello World’ post. 1st file I prepared when I had no idea what I was doing, and first I printed (after the Founders ruler of course). Jimi has been waiting patiently since.

Sweet how the operation cuts a perfect mask for painting. Flat black spray, then I brushed and feathered in some afterwards to give a little more dimension - just enough to draw the eye.
His fro was a bugger to weed, still missed a spec or two.

:proofgrade: 9-1/2 X 11 Cherry - in a scale ready to grace my wall. I have some ideas for the matting… Mmuhuhahahaa - this is so much fun :sunglasses: All you who have held out are in for a treat.




The masking as a stencil works so well! This looks great, man!


Man, it’s perfect.
I have developed a keen appreciation for proofgrade. From an old school perspective, having a material masked and pre-finished … Paint, peel and you’re done. Two steps in production off your back.


Turned out awesome! (Hearing music!)


Oh I’m so with you. I’ve been in manufacturing forever and saving a couple of steps allows you to move on to another project sooner. (On to another smile!)


Yeah, that stuff is spoiling me! :+1:


Yeah, sorry about that… me too. At least it’s a great song.


Turned out great! Very wall worthy.


Awesome, dude !


This is rockin’! Glad you’re having fun with it.


So very cool. Btw, I have been finding those plastic razor blades to be a nice weeding tool.


Most excellent :+1: :smile:


I’ve been meaning to order some of those :+1:


Thank you all!
I was really glad I uploaded that file before the HDD failed. Because of my inexperience it took me a long time learning how to prepare that image from a photo, and I would have lost it if it weren’t for the glowforge cloud account.
I still wonder what the storage limit of the account is, just so that I might better manage it.


You did a particularly great job with this image. I love that it’s so dark.


Thank you! Yes, it looked good already, but the black paint gives a higher contrast. So easy to paint with the mask!


I thought of U2. I always forget that U2 is covering Hendrix.


…who is covering Bob Dylan, who said Hendrix version was his favorite. :sunglasses: